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The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical
Music and Lyrics by Rob Rokicki
Book by Joe Tracz
Directed by Stephen Brackett
Choreographed by Patrick McCullum

Reviews for The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

The tuneful, pop-rock score featuring such songs as "Put You in Your Place" and "Another Terrible Day." Although it delivers some positive messages — "Normal is a myth/Everyone has issues they're dealing with," Percy's mom sings — the show never stoops to the sort of preachifying so common in theater geared to kids.” –Hollywood Reporter

“Thief is everything a rock musical should be.” –Erik Meers, Uinterview

Still, the action rarely flags thanks to Stephen Brackett's sharp direction; Rob Rokicki's spirited songs; Joe Tracz's lucid book, which is easy to follow even if you don't know the novel.” –Raven Snook, TimeOut New York

“With a book by Joe Tracz and music and lyrics by Rob Rokicki, the zippy production addresses sexism, loneliness and parental neglect, but champions friendship and smart, independent choices — at lightning speed.” –Fern Siegel, Huffington Post

The music was also outstanding, and the songs were very catchy. One thing we found cool was that the music was by a live band instead of being a recorded soundtrack. Our favorite song from the show is “Bring on the Monsters,” because many of the characters sang the song together. When this song played, you could hear and see the characters’ strength and perseverance. We found ourselves singing along from our seats.” –Kid Review, Newsday

As he did with the original, director Stephen Brackett keeps this two-hour show moving at warp speed, one song after another advancing the plot and hysterical performances filling the gaps in between. Salazar brings the house down in "Another Terrible Day" with his hilarious portrayal of the surprisingly high-strung Mr. D (short for Dionysus, the god of wine). Along with the music, the show's special effects will captivate young and old.” –Pete Hempstead, TheatreMania

With a book by Joe Tracz and music and lyrics by Rob Rokicki, The Lighting Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical embraces the clever energy and fun teen angst of the books. The songs skillfully flesh out the characters and their relationships with each other to lend the play stronger emotional weight all while keeping the energy and enjoyment high.” –StageBuddy

The songs were great and the acting brought a wondrous fiction story into the AMAZING!!! world of theater. Songs like “Good Kid” and “Grand Plan” talk about those feelings about being the outsider and wanting to prove your worth. Every song is a gem and the final ‘Bring On the Monsters’ well, I started crying.” –Front Row Center

"Rob Rokicki’s songs are catchy and would be at home on a Saturday-morning TV show. Some lyrics run deeper, such as those reminding us that 'normal is a myth. Everyone has issues that they’re dealing with.' The message is a worthwhile one, and even better since it’s not delivered in finger-wagging fashion." -Joe Dziemianowicz, NY Daily News

"Songs like 'The Day I Got Expelled' and 'In the Same Boat' are very catchy…but the story’s point is one of self-acceptance: “Normal is a myth,” Percy’s mom (Zakiya Young) sings. 'Everyone has issues they’re dealing with.'" -Elisabeth Vincentelli, NY Post

"The songs, by Rob Rokicki, are of the pop-rock variety and a few are pretty funny, like the pun-filled 'In the Same Boat' (good luck trying to get that one out of your head. My kid is still singing it days later). Some are moving, too, with lyrics like, 'Normal is a myth—Everyone has issues that they’re dealing with.' Any kid who's ever felt like an outcast can relate to Percy, even if they don't have special powers." -Raven Snook, Mommy Poppins

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